Semi Permanent 2016

Opening Titles

In late 2015, Murray Bell at Semi Permanent got in touch wondering if we’d like to do the titles for the 2016 edition of the world renowned design conference.
As long time fans of the festival, we jumped at the occasion, feeling honored to follow in the footsteps of previous title designers.
Knowing the history of title sequences for these kinds of events, we purposely wanted to stay away from clichés and took this as a chance to try something different and more ambitious.

Being a festival by designers for designers, it became increasingly obvious it should be some sort of manifesto to the life of a designer - the highs and lows, the loneliness and the ambition, the innocence and the failures.
To better translate it, live action was the method of choice.

What followed was a meticulous process of casting, location scouting, pre-production, shooting and editing.
A team of 38 people helped bring it to life, from producers to make up artists, location scouts and actors.
Shot on 9 different locations (in Portugal and USA) in 6 days, with original music by composer Tiago Benzinho and voice over by Tom Waits.
It was premiered at Semi Permanent Sydney in May 2016 to an audience of more than 2000 people, effectively celebrating the opening of the conference.

Behind the Scenes: