This is Foreign Affairs

If you do work that is meaningful to you, chances are it will be meaningful to someone else.

We’re a design and live action production studio that aims to do beautiful and meaningful work that resonates with people and can stand the test of time.
In a design-based creative environment, we do concept, animation, live action and editing, together with an existing in-house production pipeline and some of the best award-winning collaborators in the world.
Why the name Foreign Affairs? Based in Lisbon, Portugal, we work with studios all over the world, hence the international relationships related name. Also, we really love The West Wing.

Filipe Carvalho has been involved in high profile projects around the world, lending his distinct voice and cinematic eye to everything from network rebrands to film title sequences.
In early 2017 Filipe founded Foreign Affairs, a design studio where he can continue his work as a designer for entertainment clients, but also extend his focus to live action production and filmmaking, creating original content and expand his influence in all things creative.

Creative Director

Filipe Carvalho

US Representation

Michael Neithardt, Palmy Inn